Friday, September 26, 2008

Pacific Feet

I am Out in Parksville BC, on Vancouver island this week, teaching with Donna Downey, and Kah-Mei Smith at the 2 year anniversary event for Scrapbookin' adventures. I am so looking forward to meeting all of you who have emailed me, and for that matter all of you who haven't LOL.

Donna and I went walking this morning on the bottom of the ocean while the tide was WAY out ( well...she is RAD and went for a run, I just happily poked around finding treasures) . Seriously the bottom of the OCEAN!!!

Here are a few pictures, as promised, for my girls. Some of the things I found to show you guys. The seaweeds were cool, but sorry girls, just too slimy to bring home in my pocket this time ;) miss you xoSuch a cool little adventure to start the day...I got so wet that I finally gave up and abandoned my footwear all together. It's way more fun with sand in your toes anyways :)
Oh, and It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen, being a girl from nowhere near oceans, I was super amazed to come back to my room later this afternoon and look out the window to find the water all back in and right up to the shore. I know I sound clueless, but dude!... it was all ripply sand, seaweed and shells for as far as the eye could see only a few hours before!
Kewl Beans.
Had a great lunch with these gals and I am off to get ready for some good creative sharing tonight. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, ramble about my amazement re:tides coming in and out, and leave a few pics for my kiddos. I will be pretty busy here this week but I am sure that I'll have all kinds of photos to share when I get home as well as the product winners to draw!!! Thanks so much to everyone for the AMAZING support you have all left for me in the comments from my last couple of posts.
see ya for now