Monday, September 01, 2008

a sticky situation

Well, normally I am the girl who is unafraid to get in there and get her hands dirty...normally. Today was a little different, today I had to also be unafraid to get my feet dirty! To sink right into a slimy muddy swamp up to my ankles while it smooshed and sunk underneath me, and I tried to shove out of my mind the possibility of LEECHES living in it ( one of my life long fears) , all in the spirit of good outdoor summer fun. OK and to be the super hero mom, who is really awesomely cool, and catches frogs to make the kids super duper happy. The kids who will always remember my incredibly cool awesomeness and consider me a big super hero for the rest of their lives.......right?

Sooooo. I shut my eyes for a minute as the first foot sunk in and I shrugged off the cringe that was growing inside me in exchange for channelling my inner tomboy from the days of old when messy gross activities like his would have been totally up my ally. How is it that as I get older I get boring and lame, and grow out of a love for sinking into slimy sticky warm gooey mud????

It was all well worth it and ended up being great fun. Here we are with our triumphant bucket of shells, after trying to wipe most of the slop off.
We are having a great time with the kids.

Gone camping and spending some QT together before the school year starts up again.I got a signal here at the campground store today and so I was able to check a few emails and send a few while my people were napping. I will write more when we get home but I just
HAD to pop in for a little hello and an update on our summer fun

Happy day to you!!!