Thursday, January 08, 2009

3 Am creative babble

Creativity is a funny thing the way it comes and goes, sleeps and wakens at it's own pace and in it's own if it has a mind of it's own while at the same time being so very much a part of a person. Something that you can't predict and cannot control but always welcome back when it decides to show up after a time away, no matter how brief.

For me it may stir as the need to get back out of bed at 4 in the morning and get my hands in paint and all kind of bits. Whatever little this and that I see around me inspiring ideas and becoming bits of what I am creating and the story that is unfolding...I sometimes watch as if my hands are moving on their own as it takes shape in front of me...I let it happen and watch...curious and interested to see where it will go, where this storm of art is headed.
It is these times, when I don't try to control what I am making, when I forget about the end result and just bask in the life of the art, in the beauty of creating, that I do my favorite pieces.
It is when I just let go and allow it to unfold.

When I create I am alive to the very most inner parts of myself, and in a way that is different than any other part of my life and who I am. It is something that I need to do, something I need as much as cold water and fresh is how I am made, who I am.
So I guess I have finally found the words for what I want this coming year.
I want to find a new outlet for this art that is so much a part of me, something that requires no thought and I can just go with when the urge strikes me.

Working on that.


Marfa said...

Maybe it's a good idea to keep a notebook beside your bed, so you can switch on the light and quickly write down some of your ideas/thoughts at 3am. I lose my great ideas if I wait...

Becky Pipes said...

Sounds like you're on a journey! Best of wishes.