Friday, January 23, 2009

Heading out

I am heading off for California this week. Gonna hit CHA and see what's new in creative products. I have some meetings scheduled and Hopefully there will be bits of down time to spend with good friends that I only end up seeing at events like this!
It's been quite awhile since I went last and other than some business that I am going to take care of, I figured if I am gonna be able to order/plan for fresh new products in my classes in the next year then I better go and see what's cookin' in scrappy/art world!
If you are there please stop and give me a hug and a hello.

Totally off topic, check out the pic above, look how our babies have grown!!!
I told you Here that we were getting a new baby, she was only 6 weeks old in that pic. Thing is, kittens need another little kitten to play with so we ended up falling in love with her brother and bringing them both home. The kids affectionately refer to them as "the twins" and we named them Sam and Daisy. They are the sweetest most affectionate little ones and almost always found in the arms of a little girl purring away or if I am here at my desk working they come and crawl up in my lap. So sweet.

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