Saturday, January 24, 2009


Look at the glorious GREEN!!!!!
I left crazy cold snowy Winnipeg this morning and here I am in California surrounded with the freshness of green palm trees and grass and warmer air. mmmmmm!
Sure does a heart a little bit o' good.
Every year I wait for and totally Love the spring because after the world is asleep thorough our long winters, it comes alive with the freshest air and the sounds of nature and all of the plants begin to wake up and come alive again. It is rejuvenating.
Coming here is like a wee little bit of spring in the middle of my winter.
So awesome!
Looking forward to finding a few of my pals tonight and catching up.

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kraftyladyincali said...

hey girl, you're finally blogging again! did you ever check out my blog and see the layout i made about you after CHA this year? Here is the link! take care!