Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fire Hall

I tagged along for the preschool trip to the fire hall today...I seriously think that I like these field trips as much, or possibly even more than the kids do!!! I guess it brings out the little kid in me who always has gotten super stoked about a good field trip :)
Little Bella was pretty nervous before hand, and definitely backed away from the fire fighter dude in his full attire, but on the whole she did awesome and had a really good time; climbed up in the front and back of the truck and even used the little remote thingy that lowers the hoses in the tower and makes a bit of noise...Whooo hooo Bella!
She was pretty pleased with herself for being a "big girl" and Totally proud of her new fire hat.

here's to many more happy "big girl" outings in years to come!