Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Break Check-in #2

For the second half of our Spring Break week we have taken in plenty more good family's everywhere you turn, look out!
In fact, I think my maturity level has actually regressed this week and I might not want to go back to semi-responsible grown-up-ness when the week is done...these small people are just WAY too much fun to groove with, I ADORE them!
We have sung very LOUDLY, painted all sorts of surfaces, The girls did some thrift store shopping with the money they have been saving up and got themselves a whole bunch of pretty cool finds, Emy and I explored a cool antique store, and All 5 of us took a nice long trip to the bookstore; which is always good for all involved.We finished up the week with a fun trip out for a 3-D flick; Cam and I took the girls to Monsters VS Aliens, which is kind of funny to those who know us well, since we are usually pretty careful what they watch and wouldn't even consider most things with Monsters OR Aliens in the title, but this one was actually Reeeeeeeally good! No one had a scary moment, Cam only had to hide his eyes once, and no bad dreams resulted.
Just a little FYI; I usually check out reviews for movies we are unsure of from a christian perspective at Plugged in which is a great website from focus on the family.

Truth is, I will sure miss these kiddos when they head back to school this coming week, it has been RAD-awesome to have the time to slow things down (or hype things up!) with my little ladies and have so much extra fun. Here's to funny glasses, good books and great people, both big and small!


Anna-Marie Still said...

we are super conservative with what our kids watch (which you may not gather from looking at me)!

So was it okay?

Kelli said...

Great pictures.

amy said...

small???? they are HUGE!

Katie said...

I love the pictures with the crazy glasses!!!! They are SO adorable!! Good to see you made a lot of fun memories with them during their time off!!