Thursday, November 16, 2006

My adventure to CK!

Here I am at CK! yep, for real!!! filming the DVD segments that I have been working so hard on. Totally cool and fun experience! This was my first time on the set of anything, so it took a bit of getting used to being in front of the camera, but once I did I had a blast! Everyone I met out there was wonderful, and I got such a kick out of walking around the offices and seeing where it all goes down. Once again, Leslie Miller was over the top good to me, and after our super busy day was done I totally enjoyed grabbing some eats with her and her husband Matt, and meeting their wonderful kiddos. I wish I had gotten a picture of Alexander (5) he had such great stories for me, we're definitely buds now!
Check out my new glasses, I traded in my blue ones, just did. I am happy with the choice :) Woke up on Saturday to a bit of a chilly morning ( nothing like here though!), but enjoyed a meeting over scrumptious breakfast, and I even fit in a quick trip to bath and body works and target before heading back to the airport. We don't have those stores here, so that makes a cool little field trip for me :)

The mountains everywhere were just breathtaking. A friend and I were talking the other day about how the good thing about living in totally flat prairies is that you never "get used to" the amazing splendor of the mountains. And I think it is true, I love being so in awe of such a cool creation, and I guess if I saw them everyday all of my life it may not be quite the same.

OK, so I have to rewind for a second and tell you why this trip was so much more of an adventure than I am making it sound! LOL! So the true goods are; I had come down with strep throat and an ear infection just a few days before my photo shoot, and made it in to the doc for some antibiotics. No biggie, nothing some tylenol and a big smile can't handle right? Well half way through photo day I knew something was wrong, but of course pretty much ignored it in favor of the tylenol and a smile route. I was supposed to catch a plane the next day ( yes, I said supposed to), so once the guys left I began packing and gathering all of my projects etc. Problem is I was having such severe stomach pain that I couldn't stand up straight, I tried to push through for several hours until I was literally on the floor, and sweet Cam was trying to finish gathering and organizing my stuff. Well I , by this time, was just trying to mumble at him where things had to go. Finally we knew there was no way I could travel like this, wrote to Leslie, and put in a call to the doctor. Anyways...Saw the doc, and turns out I was having a pretty bad allergic reaction to the antibiotics! So we stopped that in a hurry, and CK rescheduled the flight.

Well, should be good from here hey? Not completely! Cam brought me to the airport and I was told my flight would be slightly delayed, no biggie. Well it ended up leaving here 2 hours late and missing my connection. Where? In Vegas! So I land there and go through customs, am told to walk to the other terminal to get help and when I do NO ONE I need is anywhere, they have all gone home! The connecting airline people were trying to be nice and help me get ahold of someone but since they did not make my flight late there was nothing they could do. I ended up spending the night in the Vegas airport listening to WOW worship yellow ( totally awesome btw) and scrapping on the floor. It was actually pretty peaceful, I would even do it again.....Not today though. A bad attitude was not going to solve it all for me so I figured I may as well have a good time! LOL. A little excerpt from my journal says: " one month ago I was here in Vegas and my life was completely changed, I never imagined I would be back here so soon and definitely not under these circumstances, but it is a pretty cool way to celebrate and reflect on one rockin' month!"
Other than some issues getting an airline to take responsibility for getting me to Salt Lake in the morning, and a couple of teary moments, it was pretty smooth sailing from there and I must report that the trip home was MUCH smoother!

that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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Torm said...

You know...if I remember correctly, Vegas tried keeping Ali not too long ago. It's gonna be CK's Bermude Triangle.

Be very very careful

And man, I'm glad you found out that you were having an allergic reaction! I had the wierdest one with the last drug I didn't even believe me when I tried to describe it...but I still swear upon it.

love the pics!

Anonymous said...

I love your pics
you look so pretty in your hat and scarf, that is your colore for sure
cool glasses too!
sorry you had a terrible reaction to the meds. :(
have an awesome day!

Jody said...

CD- You have such a positive energy and outlook! I love that in people and wish more would embrace it. It makes the stuff that happens in strep, ear infections, allergic reactions and missed flights, so much more tolerable. Notice I didn't say 'fun', but definitely managable! You are awesome for CK and I am glad that you are relishing in your win and your time in the spotlight. I have a feeling you're gonna be in it for a long, long while. =) Isn't it crazy how fast a month seems to go by sometimes? I thought I'd have done more scrapping by now- with all my new products, but I am just getting organized. Hope you are on the rebound for awhile... and tell Cam great job for all that he does for you while you're away. You're SOY win made more work for him! =) Ciao for now...

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the mountains in Utah? I grew up in Salt Lake and we moved away for three years now we are back and living in Utah county surrounded by beautiful mountains. Every window I look out I can see the mountains. Didn't realize how beautiful they were until I didn't have them.

Anonymous said...

wow CD how exciting your life sounds, and all thsoe boxes of goodies. love stopping by your blog your work is awsome
anna x

Anonymous said...

hi CD-
wow! sounds like you have had quite the time! you make it look all so easy, girl!! I have been meaning to comment for a while and then didn't. I wanted to say how fun and cool your home scrap space is!!! I love it!!! I am still trying to figure out where to stay put in my house with my scrap stuff. for right now, i am a mobile scrapping unit! When were you in Vegas? i was just there with my hubby on Nov. 5th and Nov. 8th (in the airport that is!). He had a work trip in Vegas and i tagged along for shopping fun! Too bad it was not a month earlier, i could have attending Memory Trends! :( Just wanted to pop in and say 'hello'. I visit your blog a lot, but i have only ever left a few comments. I love your work and find it very inspiring! Keep it up!
--mel :) (melissa boniface in mi)

katie said...

how exciting CD--your head must just be spinning!!! you go girl!

Alparslan said...

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