Thursday, November 30, 2006

last night's crop

we came, we cropped, people sang, inspiration was in the air, fun was had, and very cool projects were made! I have to thank everyone who popped in over at CK last night for making my very first online crop so much fun! That is really what I love about all of this; connecting with people, sharing ideas, and leaving eachother inspired. I really hope I was able to inspire some of the ladies as much as so many of them inspired me! please go and check out the challenges HERE and post them in the image gallery leaving a link in the challenge threads, or here on my blog in the comments. I would really love to see your work if any of these happen to inspire you!

Tiara is really super sick so she was up off and on all through the night. I ended up just staying up all night long going between helping her and writing/ scrapping like crazy! I'm sooo tired today but she feels loved, and I got a lot of stuff off my plate. ahhhhhhh, that has got to be the recipe for a good nights sleep tonight....I hope :)