Wednesday, November 29, 2006

this is my life

to be a 4 year old ballerina! I love it, Tiara is so incredibly focused and passionate about dancing. We got to go in for her lesson to watch the class and see where they are at. I just couldn't believe what a difference a year has made. look at her little pointed toesies...the focus in her eyes! heehee and that bit of toddler belly that is still hanging on :)

and my baby, who is so not looking like a baby at all these days, across the room at the safety of her daddy's leg, she has changed a whole lot lately. all of a sudden talking so much and such stories to tell us. I love 2 years old, it is just a magical time of discovery and wonder.

on that note, Hellooo blogland peoples! I have been so out of touch these past couple of weeks. I was in a couple of car accidents years ago and I struggle off and on with those injuries. More off than on thanks to good therapy, but I strained my neck pretty badly on my trip out to Salt Lake ( thinking I'm tough and strong and carrying WAY too heavy bags) and I have been fighting through awful migranes. Pretty intense.

There HAS been lots of good stuff going on though. Tiara got into a program for her sensory issues at the children's hospital here, and this is a really good and important step in our journey with her and all that she deals with. 5 kids with 2 teachers everyday for 2 hours. It is a lot for her to take in , quite draining on her but a good thing and will be done after this week.

Emilea ( 7) has been an angel as always, just so kind and helpful. She made me smile tonight as she sat cutting out small wallet photos I had printed and doodled on for her... then you can see the wheels turning as she thinks of what she will do with them. She decided on a notebook album ( all on her own!) wanting to cover the front and back with patterned paper and make a ribbon handle. I love it!!! She is so creative and always watching what I am up to. Kids really take in and soak up so much.

and In my scrapping hullabaloo- I have just wrapped up getting everything in for my insert coming out with the March issue of Creating Keepsakes!!! how exciting is that?! Even a cover with me on it! I had never imagined I would be scrapping a cover for anything , nevermind scrapping one with my own pictures! WOW!!! Anyways, I have jam packed it with challenges and extra ideas, so be on the look out for what I hope will be a fun and inspiring read :)

be safe , be happy, give out a hug! T.T.F.N.!
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Laura said...

wow, you are a BUSY BUSY girl!!! thanks for sharing your life and scrapbooking with us!!! i enjoy your blog!

Torm said...

ugh on the migraines - next time don't be tough, k? ;)

and I'm hoping to stop by tonight..i'll have to come up with at least one challenging question, eh?

Lauren said...

Hi CD -

I was wondering how you were doing physically during all this hub-bub. Glad to have you back in blogland - I missed ya! mlpieters

Vee said...

love the tummy shot of your little ballerina!
you are one busy chicka!!

Kim Bolyard said...

I remember when my little girl was that age and in her dance class. 10 years of dance later and sixteen years old. I miss that sweet little girl. Enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE the ballet pic! I was a ballerina and I hope my twins girls take a liking to it.

You inspire me!

Anonymous said...

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