Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kids cards

Emy's above and Tiara's below

Merry wishes from my girls! These pretty red gift cards by Anna Aspnes were PERFECT for making little cards that the girls are giving out with candy canes to all of their friends for Christmas. a wee bit of dressing up and a cute little face in there and voila! I love things like this that make my life easier. I get the results I want in half of the time. Thanks Anna for a great starting place :) check out the whole pack HERE

and if you look closely you may notice that the supplies used on these look are the same as some of the ones on Lauren's page below....I still had the file open when I started these so I saved even more time by dragging the pieces over shadows and all! It's not a crime to find ways to save some time...Especially when there is play-doh to be squashed and backs to rub!

I'll try and post some pics of all of our holiday fun sometime tomorrow. Lots of good happy family time this past week. We all really needed that.


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