Monday, December 11, 2006


I like games, love em in fact. And two scrapping friends of mine, Beth and Susan Opel ( two fun and funky sweet sisters!) tagged me last week. a few fun questions to know me a little more. So I figured why not?! here are the goods...

A - Available or single: not even a tad, totally taken!
B - Best friend: Cam ( my hubby)
C - Cake or pie: mmmmm! cake all the way ! with reeeally good icing and ice cream on the side..or just yummy ice cream cake
D - Drink of choice: Hot Chocolate with whip cream!
E - Essential item you use everyday: lip gloss/chap stick
F - Favorite color: Pink&brown... orrrr blue&brown...or just!...heck or just blue! you get it :)
G - Gummy bears or worms: hmmm, well, bears are cuter but worms are more fun to leave hanging halfway out of your mouth!
H - Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I - Indulgence: CHOCOLATE !!!
J - January or February: January, I love the freshness of a new year filled with the promise of new adventures!
K - Kids & names: 3 girls; Emilea (7), Tiara (4), and Kaiella (2)
L - Life is incomplete without? God's grace, my family, lots of laughter and a breath of fresh air every day
M - Marriage date: July 1 ( Canada day, they set off fireworks for us every year!)
N - Number of siblings: grew up with none and now have 4
O - Oranges or apples: really cold golden delicious apples
P - Phobias or fears: losing the ones I love
Q - Fave quote: hmmmmmm...I can't pick just one right now :( maybe I will come back and add
R - Reason to smile: a new day full of round little happy faces with exciting stories to tell me :)
S - Season: the fresh crisp air and warm glow of fall, the crunch of the snow and magic of winter, the birds chirping, warm blossoming breeze and rain storms in spring, and the warm toasty sunshine, tanned kids, and days outside in the could I pick just one!!!
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: my girl Amy, funny Torm, nitty gritty Jody, olive juice and lovely Leah
U - Unknown fact about me: I love to organize closets by color! ( silly I know but I love it!)
V- Vegetable you don't like: almost all are yummy raw, but I can't stand them cooked...except for corn
W - Worst habit: over-thinking
X - Xrays: too many!
Y - Your fave food: cheese! in any form ( except green and fuzzy or the stinky stuff)
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

that's it! just a bit of me :)
welcome to the week, I hope yours is Blessed!!!


Emilie said...

Great tag!!! Your answers are fun!
LMAO about the cheese!! So you don't like the French cheese???!!! ;))
See you!! Have a nice day!!

katie said...

awesome! glad to get to know you better ;)
Have a great week!

susan opel said...

Ooooh, girl, we totally have that color-coded closet thing in common! What other way is there? ;)

Thanks for playing our game!

iralamija said...



Torm said...

I haven't forgotten! ;)

michelle said...

LOVE cheese grandpa used to love it when it was stinky and green too [strange] I love it cold, melted, with just about anything including chips and apples...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of cheese.

amber joy said...

I am curious to see what your closets arranged by color look like.

Ümit said...

şömine izmir

tahnk you.. ı love your blogg...