Saturday, December 09, 2006

slip-ups & slip-slops

that's what she calls them. My sweet little Kaiella and her very loved pink slippers have a great time and go on many adventures lol! I get such a kick out of her funny little words as she is learning to talk more and really working to express herself as much as she can like "I neeeeeeed my slip-slops!!!!!!" and her chubby little hands work so hard to get them on, oh so cute on the wrong feet. or "mama I love slip-ups", "you do?", "oh yesss, slip-ups is my fawerite!" she just cracks me up. oooooh OKAY! , now you have to pretend not to be bored when you see the page I do, because as I am writing this I am realizing that I SO have to scrap it! she'll laugh too in a few years

here is my funny little girl. messy face? yesseree! like I said, her and her slip-ups have some pretty great adventures. a few days ago it was this; the blue tint is paint, she was breaking out the little circles of watercolor from the girls' paints and EATING them! yummmmm. and then , no more than 15 min after I put a very friendly end to that she was M.I.A. and quiet again. So I went on the hunt for her and she had gone up to my bathroom and opened my make-up bag to apply some nice cover stick-lipstick! she did a great job trying to keep it on her lips and then didn't smash it or eat it but put the lid back on, back in the bag, and even zipped it back up! so no harm done there at all, and pretty good for a 2 yr. old! Oh I love to see the world through 2 year old eyes it is so fun and happy and filled with cool discoveries :)

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