Monday, December 04, 2006

a shout out to my washing machine!

challenge: Scrap an emotion
Choose an emotion to scrap, and convey that emotion in all of the details of your layout (embellishments, journaling and of course the photo itself). For my layout I have chosen to scrap the emotion of Joy. I have used my embellishments and journaling as the joy that radiates right from my little girl's heart! Even the striped paper I chose looks joyful to me. Be imaginative and have fun with it.

challenge: Let your background set the scene
Use your imagination and have some extra fun with your supplies. Create a cool background scene by using your product in unexpected ways.
On this layout I used chilly snow colored paint, hand drawn windy swirls, and cut my papers into hills, sun and sky. This is a great way to explore your creativity!

challenge: Let your product lead you
Choose one cool product that you have been wanting to use and let your page be inspired by it. Product can be such a great starting place for inspiration!
For example, on my layout I really wanted to use these super cute wings from Fancy Pants so I used them as my starting place. From there, I looked for a photo showing her little back and then paper that would resemble the sky, everything else took shape around that. Don't think too hard, just dig in and go for it!

Challenge: Get your supplies out of your scrapbook
Raid your stash and pick a few supplies to explore in a non-layout project. It is so refreshing to take a break from regular scrapping and think differently!
I chose to make these little place cards for my girl's tea party, from slide mounts. I added a bit of paint and doodling, dressed them up with some little paper flowers, and even used my digital supplies and software to make the name inserts, (so you digi gals can't sit this one out, there is plenty you can do!) If you need some extra ideas, look through your favorite idea books or online galleries for inspiration.

I just thought I would post these challenges here. ( supply lists are here) Please join in the fun, even if you didn't get to join in over at CK. It feels so good to have work that I can share again, it has been awhile :)
some good news is that very soon I will have a blog space on the CK site where I will be able to share work and regular challenges, should be fun! I will keep you all posted on that.

tonight I am thankful for my washing machine :) I am serious, it is really nice. Cam surprised me by buying it when I was away last year and I love it. Front loading, uses only a bit of soap, does an amazing job, and it holds a ton! I have been so so busy this last little while, and then dealing with all of these migranes, that I am afraid our laundry situation was getting to a critical level! LOL! but with this machine I will be caught up in no time. I am a funny girl. I actually really enjoy doing laundry, and tonight as I was washing the first few loads in a long while I was just thankful to be doing it! mmmmm! Soon it will be out of the dryer all yummy smelling and warm....Love it!
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Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning layouts!
have to let you know-the one with the angel wings is simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I love the fact that you are thankful for your washing machine!! I am a firm believer in celebrating these things that we so often take for granted...I mean, can you imagine doing all that laundry by hand...yikes!!

Love the LOs too...thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Lisa said...

WOW CD, what a whole bunch of just GORGEOUS layouts, LOVE them all!!!!

Kim Bolyard said...

Love these layouts...I need to finish up the challenges from your online crop.


Stefani said...

What cool challenges and your pages are gorgeous.

Torm said...

I've always enjoyed laundry too....and as soon as I'm in the market for a new one I'm GETTING that front loader. May be 10 years, but hey...maybe the cost will come down. lol

I wish I had time for your challenges, but I took on some extra work for December...just to tax my schedule. ;P LOL But I may be thinking of them when I do my work, yanno.....


katie said...

you rock CD! great challenges! Can't wait to see you CK blog too!! You're amazing!...and I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! ;)

deb said...

I just found your blog through Olive Juice. It's so inspiring. I not only love your photos but everything you write! :) The angel wing LO is just gorgeous.

I'll check in again soon.

Alparslan said...

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