Sunday, March 04, 2007

get centred

My CK blog challenge for this week is up. It is about working around a centred focal point. No new layout from me yet, as this one is proving to be a good challenge for me too. That is one of the fun journeys about scrapping. Some pages almost scrap themselves they come together so easily, as if taking on a life of their own. And other times it takes work and thinking, especially when trying something out of the ordinary. But when I take the time to stick with it and work it through I end up with something I love, and it feels so good to have pushed through instead of just sticking with the same ol' comfy box I am quite happy in. LOL nothing wrong with staying in your box, it is great to know what you do well and what your own style is. But it is also great to grow and push out of the box too.

I should have my layout up by tonight, hope to see some familiar faces and some new friends coming to play this week!