Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm wading.....

in wet basement clean up today
not so much how I planned for this day to go.
Many many other thing I need to be doing with less than a week to go before a big trip, including happy mommy time.
But alas,
Our hot water tank exploded last night and so cam and I are spending the day enjoying the results of that.
Call it spring cleaning, call it time together, call it what you want but it is not a good thing right now.
Rusty staining yucky water EVERYWHERE!!!

Thank Goodness for my mom taking the littles so that we can wade efficiently at least

well, worse things are going on in the world right?!
Just bear with me please, looks like I won't get sneek peeks of my other class up untill tomorrow

till next time
hope you're high and dry and feelin' fine

after thought: any Winnipeg folks who know where to get the best deal on a new hot water tank pleeez fill us in K?! thaaaank-youuu


Pie Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your water problems. I have been there but instead of hot water tank water it was septic! YUCKY!!! Our septic backed up into our bathroom and ruined our new floors we just put in the week before! But as you said there are worst things going on... Hope tomorrow brings new sunshine!

inara said...

I'm sorry! That really stinks!!!

Susan Beth said...

Been there, done something very similar. Keep your chin up, pray lots, and smile when you can. This too shall pass.

Rawker2 said...

UGH not so rawkin!!!!
get those goggles and wetsuits on the kids and let them play! maybe someone was sending a subtle "slow down" hint or just a "spend a little more time with cam" one?! ;) love ya.

Anna-Marie Still said...

uggh! I feel your pain! We moved out of a house (finally!) last year that flooded everytime it rained. I guess you could say we spent alot of "together time" cleaning up the messes, but I have to say I much more enjoy our "dry together time" now that we don't live there any more. Hope you get it sorted out and back to normal soon. Take some pics and scrap it.

Jeannette P said...

Hope you got it all cleaned up & got the water heater replaced for a decent price. Aren't grandparents nice? I know when we moved May 28th last year we sent the 2 older ones with my parents & were able to sign for the house & move tons of stuff. I kept the baby with us b/c she was still breastfeeding & too young to leave mommy's side but she was young enough that she slept most of the time. Here's to a dry basement & your positive outlook on the whole situation!!!

Candice P.J. said...

We just got a Rinnai tankless water heater. They are more expensive than regular hot water tanks, but you have ENDLESS HOT WATER and never ever have to worry about flooding your basement again! You can go to to read more! Good luck with your "spring cleaning"!!

Sara Ancich said...

When we moved into our current house the realtor told us to get the water heater moved out of the hallway closet and to the side of the house, outside. We instead used the money to paint, and fix things cosmetically. Hearing your story makes me nervous. Every now and then I wake up in the night panicked that it has burst. I will run to check it. So far so good. Best of luck getting a handle on it!

Anonymous said...

our water heater broke on Easter Sunday and we havn't had the money to replace it! i know what you're going through. We didn't have quite the mess you do but we're still paying the price and we have hard wood floors in my scrapbook room to replace! Good luck. Wish I could come over and help you clean up! You're right though.... we're still living with 6 minutes of hot water every half hour and we're doing just fine! By the grace of God. Take care! Wendy

Sonja N said...

no clue on the best place to find a hot water heater in Winnipeg, but hopefully you have luck getting a good deal. I am thankful we have a nearly new tank here.
And I am jealous of the sunny pics of your girls! This side of the country has been wet lately - although I can't wait to hit Minnedosa this summer!!

Nicole said...

man, i have been there! hope it all turned out ok! have fun in holland!

scrapwordsmom said...

So sorry! Does not sound like fun. Good luck and I hope by now everything is dry and you are having that happy mommy time.

Shanie said...

So so sorry for you! Noticing you have not been here a while, hope everything turned out OK! Shanie :)

Inge said...

Hi CD!

How was Italy?

It was great meeting you and thank you for the great workshop. I really got inspired and used your tips for the front of an album with layouts I made for the One Little Word blog! Thank you so much. Really love your stamps ;)

This is what I made

Today I bought watercolour pencils (Derwent) sure I am gonna use them alot.


Jeanne said...

So sorry for the water issues. Gotta say how much I love your CK dvd. So many cool tips and thanks for all the Picasa info. I uploaded it and am having a ball with it.

Flossyjamba said...

Hi Cd

it was fab to meet you in england at SAG this weekend, I thought your class was the best of all the ones I did! thank you so much for inspiring me :)

I think i will be changing the way i scrap a bit now
bye!! lindsey (twin)

emma trout said...

Hi CD and Cam,

I hope you had a good trip home. Did you get to see Warwick Castle Cam??? How about the phone booths too?
It was so good to see you guys at both SAGs. I hope one day to see you again.I have really enjoyed our chats together.

Take care guys xx

essovich said...

I loved your calls in Holland!!! When do we get the handouts? Must have hou know:)

grover said...

still the water heater eh ;-)

Victoria said...

Everyday I visit your blog and everyday you are "wading". I keep getting this image in my head of your feet being really pruned! HA! I know that you are a busy body (not sure how you do it all) but I just wanted you to know that you are missed.

Blessings to you and your family,

grace said...

CD, we miss you! Hope all is well.

cheryld said...

Hey girl.. so sorry to hear about your flooding.. you'd think by now someone would invent a guage on those things so you'd know they were ready to die BEFORE they actually died! sheesh..

Hope all is well with you!
(inspired girl)

amy said...

update your blog, seriously!? ;) you've been tagged.

Alparslan said...

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