Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick kid craft

Kaiella's preschool teacher asked me, while I was there today, to come up with a valentines craft for them to do next week , using the doilies that she had bought. I usually need to let my wheels turn for awhile, I'm not too great on the spot. but c'mon these guys are only 3 and 4 years old, I figured i should be able to pull something out of my hat for little ones! Soooo.... I managed to pull together this flower craft using what they had kicking around the classroom and I think it is pretty fun! I don't have great photos of it but just thought I'd share in case you have some time and want to do some crafts with your own little people.

What you need is a coffee filter, a doilee, a piece of green tissue paper or crepe paper, a colored pipe cleaner and a green one, a couple beads, and some random silk flower petals.

1. place the doilee over newspaper or paper towel to protect the surface underneath. Have the little Munchkin rub paint all over it with their chubby little fingers to give it a light coat of color and set your doilee aside to dry

2. bend a colored pipe cleaner in half and get your little one to place beads on the two ends and curl them around a bit to keep the beads in place

3. cut a circle from your green tissue slightly smaller than your doilee

4. Now that the paint is dry stack up your flower:
green tissue on the bottom, then coffee filter, doilee next and pinch them all up pretty with the pipe cleaners in the middle for the "stickie-outie" parts.
Wrap the green stem around the base of your flower bunch at least 3 or 4 times to keep everything all together and then let the rest of it come down as a nice furry stem :)

5. If desired your little one can glue random silk petals in between the doily and filter to add a bit of extra "prettiness"

Kids are just so pleased and proud to have these flowers to give to mamas or Grandmas or whoever they decide needs a lovely little flower to brighten their day, it's super cute!

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