Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sharing a space

I think the only time I have shared pictures of my creative space was in this post Here way back in November of 2006 right after being named CKs first scrapbooker of the year, and at that it is only a glimpse. I don't know why, but I just really didn't take many pictures of my happy creating place. Too bad cuz I really miss it. So after recording a super fun show with the paperclipping roundtable today; talking about shared scrap spaces. I dug up the only photos I do have, taken before we moved. They are mostly quick, far away, wide angle, trying to see the whole room kind of shots, and so they look a little chaotic and don't really capture the happy creative warmth of the place, but at least they give a bit of an idea of some of the storage solutions I talk about on the show, like my ribbon rod, and using glass jars and open shelves to see all of my threads and beads and bits. In my cubes you can see some storage boxes holding the uglier things like gesso and fixative, and peeking behind the typewriter you can see where my big baskets lived for grabbing recyled bits as I worked, On the wall I had fave papers in wall pockets, and some layouts in progress were always up on a magnet strip behind my computer. The blue buckets on my computer desk held different kinds of tapes, and paints, and inks and things so I could just grab a bucket and use what I pleased. Scanner and printer was just under my desk- nothing special.  Other than my old typewriter, you can't really see any of the yummy vintage pieces...guess I'll have to be sure to capture it better here in this house as I work on creating that studio space. It is Cool to start fresh because the furniture pieces I have and my taste in decor and color have changed quite a lot over the years. I am more a lover of things rustic and worn now, the older the better, and though I still love color I most likely wouldn't do stripes again, but it WAS the "play room" and that is what life is for, right? evolving and changing and loving the ride!
Sooo... you can hear most of our thoughts on sharing a space on the show  , seriously, go and listen, it is always a bunch of fun! 
But I will add here that I LOVED being together with everyone during those years, sitting at my island and chatting with Cam as he relaxed for the evening, or being able to glance across the open floor and see the kids in the playroom and hear the little song they are singing or answer their most burning questions. 
On their end of the floor We had little bags on the wall for doll clothes, and great open shelves that Cam made for me to organize the toy madness that ensued there over the years. It was bright and happy and super fun! 
I have no shelves up here yet, no organizing or displaying going on and I NEED it badly, but that is a whole other conversation...
 I miss having a creative space in with everyone. I do. And so now I haul my workings out into our current family room and make a giant mess there. Sorry Cam!
But I have also learned to appreciate the depths of what I can create when I take the time to find quiet, and so I think on the whole, my new little studio with the door that closes will be a good thing, just something new to get used to.

Check out Lisa Dickinsons wonderful pictures of her serene space...mmmm, delightful, I am IN LOVE with her big bookshelf cabinet, might possibly want to go and live in it.

Today; getting ready to celebrate my mama's birthday, attacking my to-do list- which includes sending some new art out for prints, finishing up a few designs, drinking wonderful tea, and taking one of my girls out on a date tonight.
Enjoy your Thursday!


*reyanna klein* said...

How fun! I LOVE seeing where people create. Thank you for sharing! Sorry you miss it. :-( I'm sure your current family room is lovely though! ;-)

Amelia said...

Thank you for sharing your spaces! They are truly lovely and sooo inspirational! Cheers!

Jessica Woodford said...

What a fun & cool space! Thanks for sharing it! Can I ask where you got those square wall shelves from? I love them!!


CD said...

Hey Jessica, thanks!
We made the wall boxes, just painted MDF, and some plumbing pipes and brackets in between for visual interest :)