Monday, June 06, 2011

World wide awake

If only I could capture for you how this tree SMELLS right there in my photos, I would bottle it up and throw it in just before the shutter clicks.
I walk under this beautiful bloom filled tree as I come up my driveway and I just look up and close my eyes and breathe in as deeply as my lungs will allow, oh the sweet notes of spring are soooo deliciously delightful. Creation all around is awake and at it's best, and that is just so incredibly AWESOME! I challenge you to Take yourself out today; put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and really look with eyes wide open at the world around you and how it is right there ready to bless you with these amazing sights and smells and sounds...look way up and look way down, lay in the grass or swing as high as you can and try to touch the sky! snap some of your own awesomeness ( trust me it will make you take notice and be more thankful) and of course share your "world wide awake" in the comments cuz we wanna go there with you!!!

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