Monday, June 13, 2011

The Story of "Strength" girl from this post who got her second chance to shine is finally finished! 
She is "strength", and I am so glad she didn't end up in the trash because she had a story to share... here is a peek at her journey.
First I played around with different colors holding up different combos of watercolor crayons until I had what I was looking for. I Love this cuz it's easy to grab and put back colors until I get what I want without actually making a big mess.
She got dressed, pretty in Pink, and decided to go for lacy frills to show how soft her heart really is. Then it was time to build a background using different tones and shades of happy green
I Finished up with some nice wavy whirly grasses, gently embracing her, careful not to cover the definition she was based on.
Then she got her lovely details..ribbon, stitching and beading.
And last but definitely not least, it was time to write her story. a story based on a real woman ( or two in this case) and a story that had to be told!
If you can't read it in the image below it says: " Her Quiet Strength held up her family in Love, and with hardly a word they just knew she could hold them All; in her arms and in her heart. for her great strength came from within, came from above. it was far Deeper, Wider and Higher than anyone could understand."
 Her prints have been ordered and will be up for sale as soon as we get our cart all figured out.
Here's to Beautiful women with a quiet strength far greater than the loudest voices or the biggest muscles!


Bellaidea said...

great one!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

Just so inspiringly beautiful :-)

Christina Carnoy said...

that is beautiful! very moving!

Ninie sous les Bilimbis said...

that is amazing! really great one

CD said...

Thank for the encouragement ladies :)

Gabi said...

She is beautiful CD!!

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Annie said...

this is a stunning piece of art!