Wednesday, October 19, 2011

thought for the day

I was helping My little Kaiella get ready for school earlier this week, lucky for me she is the one who still lets me pick her clothes which makes mornings go much smoother, and as I am guiding her little legs into the cutest pair of distressed skinny jeans she gives a big BIG sigh and says "Awww MAMA, you KNOW I hate skinny pants...they squeeze my legs!" Well, truth is she hadn't really told me that before so, surprised, I said "oh?" and she goes on to tell me "I don't care if my friends like them and my sisters like them, these are NOT their legs (pointing down to her little leggies),these are MY legs!!!" I burst out laughing and of course had to agree with her that these sweet little pudgy legs are indeed are all hers. We went off to find a pretty skirt and I got to thinking "wow, I wish we could all be a little bit more like Kaiella.
To just choose the path and make the choices that are best for our life no matter what the world is telling us we SHOULD be doing. I truly wish there were more of us who could pray about it,think about it, and make the BEST choice simply on what is right for our own life and our family...regardless of all of the expectations and "should dos" that come down on us.
Just my thought for today.
Thanks little Bella!

side note: photos are from a fun field trip I got to tag along on last spring. The rare photos like this one of her and I together are a total treasure to me.


Gingersnaps said...

So true! Thanks, i needed that!

stephanie ackerman said...

amen, sister!