Saturday, October 01, 2011

watercolor yum

 Have I told you lately how I Love Paint?! All paint has it's own kind of yummy, but tonight it is watercolor, really it's always my first choice with paints. I just adore how it is not permanent, just like life isn't permanent and you simply have to roll with it. With watercolor you can add and you can remove, you can change the look by dripping water into it or using the corner of a tissue to suck some of it off the page....sigh. You can let it rest and come back a different day to toy around some more, it's drippy and sploooshy and can also be super precise. Oh watercolor how I adore thee.
I'm working on a small words only piece and doing it all tonight. a bit of spatter and some careful is almost like a wee bit of my heart spilling over right onto the paper. Sigh...gooood stuff.
what's your favorite medium right now? do tell.


wyowoman said...

the computer, because somehow MY heart is coming through YOUR hands.

CD said...

oh Kristin,
that makes ALL of the design hours worth it right there