Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Workin' On it Wednesday

I am totally inspired by the responses I got from last weeks' "WOW", thank-you. Time for round 2 and this week and I am happy to say one of the things I am cooking up is a monthly newsletter since the vote was a resounding "YES". Thanks for that too! I'm excited to see how that unfolds as I gather content and learn how to put it all together. Me and my peeps are all miserably sick around here this week, and so what I am really working on right this moment is sleeping like crazy and getting us all better. Luckily though, I am also still in the midst of making these two new little art pieces that I started in my hotel room on the way home from San Francisco last week. It is amazing how much can spill from a heart overflowing after some time away with amazing ladies.
This first piece is about how very much we have to offer everyone else when we first remember to take the time to nurture ourselves and our own spirit. It's a whole hubbub of stuff all dancing together; watercolor, pencil crayon, pastels, japanese patterned tape and acrylics, hand stitching... and all in a little plain page notebook that lives in my purse for these moments of burning inspiration that can't be denied

I had a blast playing with these Japanese acrylic paints that I got from the dollar store in San Fran's Japan Town...sigh, that store (Daiso) was a whole lotta fantastic! These ones are pearly and shimmery and not quite as thick and creamy as the ones I would buy at home. Just different and different keeps my attention and makes things extra fun!

This next piece below is taking shape on the same little purse notebook, for now, I will build it a nice home to stitch it onto soon. That one is just wonderful watercolors and a ton of pencil crayon, cuz I have missed both of them over the summer and am still warming up my hands and my heart to get back in the swing of things now that the girls are in school all day. This one is inspired by my own need to clear away the distractions when my heart is calling and be sure that I have space to let it pour out.
Possibly the simplest, yet most exciting to me; I am spending my next couple of evenings "arting" up my next round of shipping envelopes so I can march on down to the post office, with my  wee little puppy in tow, and send out a bunch of happy art prints. Mail is exciting to get and I figure if it has a little bit of extra love all over it then it is even MORE happy! I have been feeling like I am sending Christmas presents every time I send them off, and that makes me really happy! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to all of you who have supported me in this little Art sales adventure. It has been a long time coming and I am thourally, though a bit shyly, enjoying sharing all that I have been working on this year as it is ready and up in my store.

My last thought for today is this; Share joy.
Just go out and spread happines, cuz you can. Don't wait for the right time because the time will never be just right. Life keeps rollin' on. Simply make time. Even a few minutes to go above and beyond. I guarantee your heart will be filled even more than the one you are sharing with. Send mail (real actual mail), pay for the guys coffee behind you in line, Say something really nice to the next 5 people who pass by... you get the idea. It will not be expected but it will change the tone of someone's day, and YOURS!


Miss Marple said...

Love this post and the last thought you shared really lifts me up. Yes we can do small things to make a day brighter. You just put a smile on my face! Thank you!
Have a nice weekend - Irma

wyowoman said...

<3 <3 <3