Monday, October 10, 2011

The time has come...

There is far too much that comes along and threatens to steal away with all of my inspiration and mind/heart space. You feel me? Wether it be laundry or "stuff", or just time that gets eaten away all too quickly by this and that... I often find myself chasing the day and left with no space for the call of my heart, no space to hear it and no space to answer.

What I need is to simply clear it all away sometimes, set aside days or even just hours where I either remove myself all together or put on blinders to it all simply so that I can answer the beautiful callings of my heart, of my spirit. This time will not simply come knocking at your door and invite itself in, the space is yours for the taking but you MUST MUST claim it and then dive! This is what I am learning slowly but surely, And so that is thre story behind this little piece from this post

Prints are in and available in my shop, if you too need a reminder to simply sweep it all aside for a time and clear yourself some beautiful space for inspiration!


Kate Hadfield said...

Oh CD, I love this! I think I am going to treat myself to this one and hang it above my desk :)

CD said...

thanks Kate :) such an important reminder hey?