Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Baby Bella

my sweet baby is getting so big but sometimes she still looks so soft and small, I love this age! One and a half is totally magical, every day new words, funny little tricks and an amazing little personality developing. Kaiella is such a fun and easy little girl she loves to take our keys and go sit and use them as a screw driver to do some "sixing" things, and if she's yelling and we say tell us nicely she stops immediately to say "peeease" whether please was in order or not. She's so polite in fact that if someone bumps into HER she says "wooorry" to them although there was no need to apologize. ahhhhh what a sweetie. That's it, I was just loading the photos off of my little Nikon that i had outside with me the other night and this one felt so soft and sweet.