Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There is so much I have wanted to show you all and say here and I will be the first one to say that I have been a BAD blogger these days. I just haven't had any extra time at all! It's all good stuff. I am working on an album for my father-in -laws birthday, a digital/traditional mix, I think it will be pretty neat-o and I know it will mean a lot to him. I will definitely share it when I am done. And I have been fitting in some regular scrapping too just nothing I could share here :(. I finished my assignment from scrapbooks ETC. And I loved the way it came out so that is super exciting! And I am participating in the ultimate digi scrapper contest at digiscrappin.biz. It's like a survivor for scrappers where people try to make it to the next round. So I'm not allowed to share that LO anywhere either but if you would like to see it you can go here. The assignment was to use one photo only and show off your best photography. There's no way I could pick my BEST photo so I used one that I really love a lot. Then I am getting ready ( right now actually) to teach a scrapping class to a group of ladies tonight, I love teaching it is so fun to show other people how easy and fun scrapbooking can be!

So that is all of my busyness and some of my reasons for being somewhat absent...Sorry! I just had to blog today though because I have had two really exciting days! Yesterday I was picked to be digi-gal of the day at two peas!!! That was really exciting to see ME! As the choice and all the kind words from the chickees over there. And then today I get this urgent message from Kim on my messenger, hang on, let me quote her "AHHHHHHHCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is importantSo sosososososososo importantwhere are you?????Oh for goodness sake if I had your phone number i WOULD CALL YOU!!!!!!!!!!EEEK" ..........Curious what that is all about? You gotta go check it out here and for those who read this after today and it is maybe no longer up there

the BIG news is.........One of my pages was picked page of the day over at Creating Keepsakes!!! A total honor and even more because it is digital! Erin Lincoln says: "I'm a paper scrapper. Have not been tempted to cross the line into digiscrapping. And then I see layouts like this and I want to jump into it feet first. Just flat out beautiful. Congrats to CD for having her layout picked for "Page of the Day" and making me want to ditch all the paper."
whoo hoo! I can't believe it!!! How very cool! So I'm off to get ready for my class but hopefully blogger will be working better for me later and I can come and post some new pics and stuff!
Happy Day Everyone!!!


Erin said...

What can I say...it totally rocked my world:). Glad you got such a kick out of it.

My Life and My Loves said...

your layout took my breath away. girl, you are SO AMAZING! congrats on the CK, too. I saw the post at 2 peas. yeah, digi! Lauren

Tali said...

Wow CD, I love your ultimate digi scrapper LO! It's awesome! Congrats on being CK's pick, Erin's comment was so cool!

Lisa said...

YAY!!! YaY!! That is AWESOME on the CK pick!

Anonymous said...

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