Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Monday challenge #4 (on Tuesday!)

So first off, I have to apologize for posting our Monday challenge on Tuesday! Yesterday was a busy one, and I was over at the Ultimate Digi scraper chat ( which I will talk about more later) and then Designer Digitals in the evening soooo here I am now! I have finally got the a-ok from CK to share my layouts that I had submitted to Hall of Fame ( they had asked me to hang on to them for awhile) I am amazed when I look through them how very much my style has changed since then! But I will share them anyway because my heart still went into them, even if I would do it differently now.

One of the assignments I chose for my HOF submission was "Trend Watch" the job was; interpreting the trends you see around you in non-scrapbook related areas like home decorating, fashion, or advertising, and turn them into a LO. Mine was pretty crazy, I chose the circle trend. This circle pattern that I love on a scarf of mine ( and a bag and a few of the girls bathing suits!) I made it into a layout showcasing some of the highlights of our 3 week family vacation last summer. The kids love this one, they love remembering all the cool things we did together, and I managed to get 51 photos on here! That is just crazy. So here it is

We had so many great memories I could have done 4 more layouts like this to try and fit them in! to see the photos larger check out my gallery post

and this is the scarf that inspired me

So my challenge for this week is to look around you and find inspiration in a non-scrapbooking trend. Then interpret it in a layout. Be sure to post a photo or scan of what inspired you if you can along with your layout so we can all see how your mind was working! Then e-mail me ( link at the bottom of the blog) with the link to your posted page(s) by Sunday May.7th. Something a little different and fun for this week. I always find that challenging yourself to think differently is a great way to grow!


twistedsoda said...

wow, what a great inspirational scarf. We find it in the strangest places don't we!!! Love the circles on the page! Fab idea girl!!!

Misty said...

Ok.. this is a great inspiration challenge... NOW.. have some extra hours for me to do this on? LOL

jayne said...

Oh I love it...what a fantastic inspiration point and awesome way to get so many shots into one layout!

Congrats on the HOF! :)


Anonymous said...

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