Monday, May 22, 2006


My poor neglected blog readers!!! I have to tell you I am still here, not sick or injured, no horrible family crisis just reeeeaaaally busy!!! I am so sorry for not keeping up to date it seems that by the time I get as much work done as I can it is the wee hours of the morning and I have no blogging left in me, though I do often think of things I'd like to come ramble about or I even take pictures of cool happenings so that I can share them. It will pick up again after this week. A whole bunch of deadlines will be done for me. And life will get back to a more normal pace.

I have to say, the ultimate digi scrapper contest has been lots of fun and I feel that my personal style has once again grown and taken a new leap which I love.
you can view my week 2 layout about how I see myself HERE titled " still growing"
and my week three challenge was to use 3 or more photos with 40% journaling to tell a story
it is HERE called "finding Tiara" Tonight I found out I made it into the top 40!!! wow I'm really honored to be sharing that with some really amazing company, the talent in this contest is just fabulous! Next round they will cut it down to only seven for the finals! And all seven get some fantastic prizes, I'm rooting for so many of my favorite scrappers!

This page I'm sharing today is not anything to do with any of this, just a photo of Emilea and my mom that I really love, and I was never happy with the layout so I sort of fixed it up and the new colors feel more fun, more "them". For a list of supplies clich HERE. Check back soon, I will start up our Monday challenges again and get back to posting more often! I am so excited to be getting ready for my very good friend and her sister to come this week with their babies to stay with us! ( waving hello wildly at Krista!!!) they are coming all the way here ( live in a different province) to have me do photos for them! isn't that totally sweet?! I'm so very very excited. I'm expecting some fun photo shoots, and then just some great fun, and at least a gain of 5 pounds from late night snacking and a possible trip to the candy store lol! oh well we don't see eachother often.

Thanks for being patient with me guys ;)
have a great long weekend to the Canadian folks and happy day to everyone else!


My Life and My Loves said...

great layout. would love to know what you used.

have missed reading your blog but i totally understand!

congrats on making the top 40 - you totally deserve it. :) lauren

Nancy Comelab said...

Congratulations, Chris! I knew you'd make it.. and I know you have a good chance of being in the top 7! Go girl! You are an inspiration! :)

amber joy said...

Hey, there! Good to know you're doing good.

Shawn said...

Congrats on the top 40. Can't wait to see what you do for round 4! Your finding Tiara LO was genius! :) Happy holiday to ya from just south of the border. :)

traci said...

Congrats!!! And we'll be seeing you in Week 5 too ;)

Scallywag said...

Hey CD - good to see all is well! I am loving your UDS layouts - especiallt 'Finding Tiara". The one up there of your mum is also a beauty! Looking forward to your monday challenges again! Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

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