Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Quick Layout post. This was one I did awhile ago for the Ultimate digi scrapper contest but never posted it anywhere else. supplies can be found HERE.

I love scrapping totally free!!! Just really letting go and letting all my creativity come out, especially with photos like these of my silly crazy Tiara! I just love adding things like the rosy cheeks and buttons on her shirt without caring if it is "OK" For the scrapartist pool party I posted this as my example of freestyle. Now when I say freestyle I am not saying trying to imitate the look from the Autumn Leaves book, or any popular trend, though the book is super Awesome! And so is the blog. What I am meaning is just letting go and pouring out all the fun ideas and creativity you've got into your page or your art whatever it may be. Different for everyone because we are all different but no matter who you are I guarantee you it will feel great! So for those of you who didn't make it over to the scrap artist challenges. I challenge you to just sit down and be free, throw out the rules and just make something, even if you think it is crazy, I bet it is not! Whether you do Digi , paper, projects , you-name it!!! Just let go and go-for-it! And if you post it and want to share please come back and leave a link here I would love to see what you do!!!