Wednesday, August 09, 2006

good time away

We definetly had a really nice time out at the lake, and although it was jam-packed with fun, we were able to find those peaceful moments I was craving as well. Sitting together as a family at sunset eating ice creams with the beach to ourselves , meeting up with long-lost family and cousins from other provonces, some I haven't seen in 15 years and some even longer so it was a real treat to be all together. I will have to load in my other photos and get a few up on here. But when I saw this one that I took of the sap dripping out of uncle Martin's tree I thought, yes in the peaceful moments we have eyes to see things like this. So much beauty in God's great world! When life gets busy I think all to often we rush by without really seeing the beauty around us, just too busy getting where we are going and doing what needs to be done. I even got a shot of some baby birds in their nest. Just enjoyed taking it all in and breathing the fresh country air. Stop today to take a deep breathe and tell me what you see, what is beautiful in your world?