Saturday, August 05, 2006

Finding peaceful moments

ok well, I still have a bunch more photos from Chicago that I wanted to share, but I'll have to settle for just getting this one on here today because we have to get going. Just sitting down for a second.

I loved this peaceful spot. In the middle of busy downtown Chicago, a super pretty courtyard with benches and gardens and this fountain, it was the perfect spot to just breathe and for a few minutes forget all of the busyness going on so close by. As you can see on the street behind me everything was still going on but from right here it was peaceful. I love this photo to remind me of that, to remind me to find those peaceful moments amid all of the hustle and bustle we create in our life. I need that so much, I just sometimes forget to take it! Excited for this weekend to enjoy peaceful moments with my children and Cam, I'm not bringing his laptop or even my magazines, just a journal and of course my camera. aahh sounds good!


Anonymous said...

ooooh thanks for the reminder to find those peaceful moments. Beautiful pic of you CD- so glad you didn't crop it- it totally speaks to what you're writing about here.

God bless!
Laurie G

amber joy said...

I like finding peaceful moments. The ones that allow to you take a really deep breath and rest, even if for a minute.

Anonymous said...

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