Saturday, January 06, 2007

a bunch of happy

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This is the original version of one of my all time favorite pages ( a simpler variation seen in CKs digital insert- Jan 07) I really wanted to share the layout just as I made it, because I love it. but also I have been thinking about When I had my CK online crop and made one of the challenges to "let your product lead you" I was surprised to hear how many people had never thought this way. Some of my favorite pages have been inspired simply by one cool product that I just HAD to use and built around that. For example this page began with Amy Martin's cool bookplates. I love the memory I have of little Tiara happily discovering that she could wash the windows with snow, but I had been unsure for some time as to how I would scrap these 6 photos. These bookplates reminded me of windows and that was all of the inspiration I needed to build from there! Phonebook tabs with corresponding numbers tell the story in point form.

I want to encourage you once again if you are someone who most often looks for product to fit in to your layout, to switch things up once and awhile and let the product be your starting place. It's all kinds of fun! and speaking of fun, head over HERE to check out some new work ( with new fonts on it ;) and the first of my weekly CK blog challenges; this week it is called "just for fun"... I love this attitude, it makes me happy!

Honestly though, that is not hard to do these days. I am happy. Happy to have these beautiful kids, happy that my husband is amazing, that we are a family who laughs a lot. Happy that my work is my passion ( how lucky am I?!). and you know I am seriously just happy to breathe in the fresh air when we step outside. There are plenty of things I could grumble about for sure ( and believe me I do), but it's not going to help anything really, is it? so I would much rather look and find the things in my world that make me happy. choose to be happy. I hope that this will help the girls to grow to see the world through these eyes as well, that they can grow to be people who look for the good that surrounds them and be thankful for it.

thanks for stopping by today to see what's up in my little corner of the world, have a good one :)


Laura said...

your blog makes me happy!!!! thanks for sharing a great way to fit a bunch of pics on a page!!! i always have a sort of "sequence of events" set of photos, and I am never sure what to do with them!

amy said...

yeahhh! loving loving loving that LO! yippie. i agree-your blog always makes me happy, too! :)

Amy said...

I saw the article in CK, but I like this version better! It has that special "CD-touch"! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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