Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New year!!!

From our Winter Wonderland to you!
It was a perfect New Years Eve day after a lovely storm last night brought us more than plenty of fun fluffy flakes to play in today. And warm wishes to everyone, hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas also, I will have to post a few favorite pics from our festivities, I have just been really enjoying our family time this year and haven't been "computing" at all over the holidays. We have had some good family game nights complete with popcorn from my new popper ( thanks Baba!) and time with some good friends and family that we don't get to see every day. We really managed to have a great relaxed holiday this year, not too much rushing and hustle bustle, just happy togetherness :)

Here is the view down our street, awesome hey?! I LOVE the way the snow piles up on the evergreen trees, and the air is so crisp and fresh to breathe in, just like after a spring rain shower only chillier...Delightful! I Love living here, I love every minute of this, When I wake up and rush to the window to discover a world covered under a beautiful shimmery blanket I feel like a little girl all over again, and watching the girls discover it all and fully delight in the moment makes it 100 times better.

the kids had so much fun, sliding down the driveway, tunneling through the deep snow, creating beautiful snow angels and helping to shovel . The best part is that it is not our usual -35c at all, more like -5c ( which for those of you who don't speak Celsius is quite pleasant) So we get the best of it all ! all of the great snowy adventures that we love and nice enough temps. Not to be human popsicles.

Today I thank God for fresh flakey snow days. Tell me, what is wonderful in your world right now?

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Danielle said...

I love all your snow!!!!

I'm here in North Bay, Ontario and we have rain right now...but I'm dreaming of being in your Winter Wonderland!!!!

Leonie - Australia said...

Thanks for the snow pics, its summer in Australia, & where I live never snows (or gets very cold) so its amazing to see all that snow. Happy new Year!

Sherri P said...

Happy New Year CD!
We left that beautiful snow Sunday morning after spending a glorious Christmas in Winnipeg! My 5 year old was so bummed that we couldn't play in the newest snow, so please build a snowman for us! Back in PA, back to school! Best in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, loads of snow and tonnes of gorgeous photos! Lovely road photo too! My street is ugly ;) Great blog!

Susan Opel said...

Wonderful in my world right now is Christmas Break - wahooooooo!

Definitely hoping for some wonderful flaky flakes to hit our part of the world sometime this winter so that a snow day ensues!

Anonymous said...

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