Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a glorious mess!

This describes my house right now, everywhere I look is covered in wonderful messes, I mean covered! I am not complaining at all, far from it...I LOVE it! I am looking around and just grinning, it makes me so happy LOL! I see evidence of a blessed life in every direction, proof of fun and creativity. New books being discovered, puzzles and games that have been played over and over, markers glue and sequins from crafting with the kids. There are mittens and hats strewn about, drying from a romp in the snow. I have been making things with the girls today and we are having such fun, Tiara has been sitting at my island with me and she has made me at least 8 pictures and projects, the other 2 coming and going as they like. She wrote me a letter on the last picture, so so so cute! It says: "I love crafting with you mama, you are the best crafter in the whole world, have a special day, I love you sweet mama" This stuff right here is just the highlight of my life. I need to pull out the vacum and suck up the popcorn and sequins and little bits, but first I wanted to stop and smile at it all. One Big happy hurricane :)

The picture is a silly one of Tia from last week, we went out to the children's museum with our friends who were visiting from Seattle. Lots of fun!

hoping you can enjoy some happy hurricanes while the kids are home from school ;) Happy Wednesday

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