Sunday, January 07, 2007

Experience life!

We went out tobogganing with Kristy and her boys yesterday, it was so so much fun! nice weather, fresh air and lots and lots of playing

Just Look at this Emilea-girl of mine! totally unsure of the outcome, it is very possible that she will flip, fall off, or wipe out completely, but she hops on that sled, lays back and shuts her eyes to fully experience the sensation of speeding down the hill. And when we went skating with our good friends on New Years Day; I watched in total awe while she skated as fast as her little learning legs could carry her and wiped out hard, just to get right up and do it all over, again and again. I am so much more cautious than that LOL, I often wish I had the gutts to take on life the way she does! To just totally enjoy the experience of living without the fear of falling. There is a quote I love that says "don't worry about tomorrow God is already there" How true. I'm not a huge worrier, just cautious, and my mind is always working overtime. I want to feel the joy of totally letting go the way Emilea does to fully experience life! and when I fall, well, I want to hop up and do it again!!! Thanks Emy for all of the ways I learn from you :)

I wish you the joy of speeding down the hill, experience life my friends! what a beautiful thing :)

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