Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Canadaian Thanksgiving to all!

Hello and warm wishes from cartoon me!
hee hee
I can't believe how good these things come out,
too funny, I just had to share :)
you can make one for fun here

We had a great Thanksgiving with all of our fam here this past weekend, and we really missed all of our family that aren't here in Winnipeg right now to share in the festivities; sending blessings and lots of thankfulness for each one of you guys spread across Canada this weekend.
I haven't loaded our photos yet...Things are going to be slow around here this week, I have one of those kind of head colds where your head and your eyes feel about 20 times their normal size and you can't sleep because it hurts your throat to breathe through your mouth and it is nearly impossible to even try the nose route. And y'know, my ears are so plugged that I may possibly be shouting at everyone in my path without knowing it, but if indeed I am, then so far they are being quite fabulous about it.
It's life, we have all been there right? :)
Thankful today for such a loving husband to take care of us all.

wishing everyone a happy week


inara said...

cartoon you is super fly, I had no idea canadian thanksgiving was different from USA thanksgiving, I hope you feel better, and that kitten is so so so so so so so adorable! enjoy your new family member!

senovia said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the cartoon avatars! So cool!

Shanie said...

Hope you feel better soon CD! The avatar thing is cool. Thanks for sharing! Shanie ;)

Aja Jenise said...

This is totally out of the norm... but I found you through a google search for the making memories 'hullabaloo' papers. and i am blessed that I did! you are one groovy chick!! and I just lifted like half your playlist for myself. I hope you find that complimentary... cause I mean it in the most adoring way! You playlist is one of a kind. Your photog is breathtaking and unlike the rest out there... thanks for a new take on it all!! You are one cool gal!! And that Tia is something sweet too! I want to come back and see more soon...

SE Kansas

Saawan said...

Haha, loved the cartoon avatars, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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