Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Whoo hoo Scrapbookin Adventures!

-I was treated like a Queen by Jenn
-tattooed by Kelli and her cool custom made stamp,
-I was the cause of A LOT of dirty hands and thrilled to watch the creation of so much happy art,
-and stayed in the most beautiful suite at the Parksville beach club where I enjoyed sitting by my own fire place while I sipped my tea and looked out at the ocean. **sigh** what a rough life hey?! ;)

To the amazing students who truly heard my message about sharing the story in your heart through cool design, thank-you so much;
For listening to what I had to say, for trying new things and stepping out of your box, For sharing your personal stories with me, and to so many of you for taking the time to hang out and become my new friends...
Thank-You, Thank-You, thank-You.
I enjoyed each of my classes so very much. I can't wait to come back to Parksville in the new year 2009 and I sure hope to see many of you awesome peeps again.
These 3 ladies were a real pleasure to spend time with,
Donna was hilarious and kept me laughing till my stomach hurt through the whole trip, Jenn is the most generous person with a joyful easy laugh, and Kah-Mei has such a gorgeous and peaceful genuine nice to have some time to get to know each of them better. Jenn and her family took so much time out of their lives to show Donna and I the rain forest and the ocean and all of the beauty that the island holds. It was truly breathtaking for a prairie girl who is nowhere near anything like this. I wish I had days and days to spend simply taking it all in. WOW
I was all over the place, finding cool nature with the kids, climbing up on top of big trees and laying on the ground to take photos...guess a little girl who loves to explore just grows up to be a big girl who loves to explore LOL! And last but not least, I have to add the sincerest THANK-YOU to Jenn, Scott, Emma and Alex for all of the time that you guys took to prepare such a wonderful event, take me exploring, and to make me feel so much at home on your island.
Even though I was coming for work, It was a real pleasure to spend time getting to know such a loving and generous time I will be coming for so much more than work.