Monday, August 31, 2009

Go me!!!!! ...are there Sea snails?

we always seems to have waves when it comes to efficiency around here, sometimes fabulously radiant "high tide" where we are managing to do everything and do it fairy fantastically, and then sometimes we go for the oh so low-on-the-organized-and-efficient-side-of-life wave...
dude, we are like burrowing down in the ocean bottom sand with the sea snails right now......are there sea snails??? I dunno, maybe I just made them up, but you get the idea.

Today I jumped back on the meal planning bandwagon once again...don't get all excited now, cuz I know I'll fall off in a month or two when life needs attention more in another direction, but for today we are STOCKED!!!!!
I couldn't even fit all of the bags in my superstore sized cart and the bag hangedy hooks were missing too, so it was a fabulous balancing act to get it all out to the van.
But, OH, SO worth it!!!
The menu for our coming suppers this week is...

Lasagna, Cesar salad and garlic bread
Garlic pork steaks, fresh Manitoba corn, and roasted baby potatoes
Perogies and koulbasa with a coleslaw salad
tortellini with 4 cheese sauce and fresh baked buns
Toasted tuna melts and pea soup
french toast, hashbrown patties and french toast ( because breakfast is ALWAYS yummier at supper time!)
I am deciding to chatter about this so that I can look back and remember how good it was to do it right, and do it all over again next time the efficiency is at low tide. Aaannnnd so that I can tell you that I picked up this book last week and it totally inspired me, great buy, worth the money, check it out!

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