Friday, August 07, 2009

vintage treasure hunting

I have this little {completely unstoppable} Love for cool old finds that can be turned into comfy pieces in our home or fun props for my photo sessions. This week was a total Jackpot in the cool treasures department and I happen to have some fairly cute little models to help me show them off!
These old shutters were a super fun find at the habitat for humanity store for just $5! They will get hung on a little girlie wall and I will most likely use the little slats to hang something from....haven't decided yet, but I have been looking for some for quite awhile so....BOOYA!!!
(This little brown eyed shutter model is a total keeper too ;)

Next in line, this chandelier above was a steal at only $20, and since brushed Gold is not the look I am going for as a pretty bedroom light we added the investment of two cans of glossy white enamel spray paint and "Voila!" a gorgeous addition to the bedroom!!!...ok well this photo isn't quite at the "voila" stage yet all stripped down and on the side of the driveway but you get the idea...just imagine the "Voila", my paint was still wet.

Then I found this antique toboggan on our church ladies road trip, just a total random find at a cute little tea house for $5 and I have some really fun photo shoot ideas for it....I mean cute fall/winter ideas that do not involve summer clothing in my driveway LOL, but again you get it...
and of course if the photo ideas are a flop there will def. be a sweet spot out in my garden for this one.

Here's to cool treasures from the past!!!


Karen Foster said...

Yeah!!! Nice to see what you've been up to love the journal page from earlier post. You are very inspiring!

Helen Tilbury said...

Just popped by so saying Hi! Have been meaning to look up your blog for years! Love all your published work. Your blog is great. I love the way you write - just how I imagine you would speak - and everything you say is important is just how I imagined you to be ;-D

jill said...

Hi CD -
I live about 2 hours from wpg and my bff & i often come in to do some funky, home vintage shopping. Can you give me the name of the habitat store you found your goodies at? Would love to pop by and take a peek myself. Always up for some shopping at a *new store -- esp. for a good cause.
- jill

*reyanna klein* said...

oh, I LOVE these finds! And these actions are fab! Fabulous work. :)

Jen said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! I love your writing and your amazing photos! You truly are so inspiring!

jill said...

Thanks for the response today, CD. My friend & I will definitely be checking out "the re-store" next time we are in the peg. We frequently shop at the Brandon one -- found a fabulous buffet for $30 last time that is painted orange and beat up now!!! Love it.
Awesome blog, btw. Love reading your thoughts.
- jill

Anonymous said...

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Danielle Combs said...

Wow...I'd love to find shutters, too! I've been looking for some to put on either side of the window in the dining room.

Great finds...does that always make you feel giddy, too? :)