Friday, August 14, 2009

My little precious

Look at my baby, turning 5 this summer and going into kindergarten, there really is not so much "baby" left in there, is there? she is slowly being replaced with lovely little lovely, I really enjoy hanging out with her, she is a truly sweet and sensitive little person. It is a gift and a privilege to be the one holding the hands of these three little girls of mine as they go through life, and getting the front row seat to watch them grow into the amazing people they were designed to be.
I am definitely the Lucky one.

This is my 3rd project for Kenner Road this month, about this kid of mine, my littlest baby who is growing FAR too fast! but somehow will always be MY baby no matter how big she gets :)
This page is made on the paper bag that Kerry-Lynn sent everything out in; I used the alpha stickers as a mask for all kind of spray ink, ripped and messied the edges of my pieces, and used torn bits to create my little "meadow" below...Gotta Love this little mama and baby bird, it's US!!! LOL
Wishing that you enjoy all of the little hands you have the privilege to hold!


Gabi said...

They are growing too fast. Mine just turned 3 last month.
Beautiful piece of art, CD!
Thank you for inspiration.

ilaria.bellitto said...

Great Layout CD!! thank you for sharing your art! ^__^

and.. nex time you'll came in Italy you have to visit also Milano! ...we hope to see you!


Anonymous said...

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Kelli said...

Great layout! Love all the texture!

violette said...

This is just adorable..and so is your illustration of your sweet. You're amazing!
Love, Violette