Friday, August 14, 2009

Our life is beautiful

Here is project #2 for my "guesthood' at Kenner Road ( see previous post)
This is just a little book celebrating a life I am truly grateful to have.

Made from some green Prima flower packaging as the cover, with light bulb pack inner pages ( y'know the wrapper that keeps the bulbs safe until you get them up and lighting your house? well ya, that stuff) and lots of Kenner Road Kit bits to doll it all up!!!We are getting ready to pick up Emy from camp tomorrow and head out on a family road trip so I will have more inner pages to share sometime later when we are done "summering" least it is all ready for me to add to as I have a minute. It is in a big ziploc bag with pictures printed and bits thrown in for embellishing and I have my handy dandy pen and masking tape at the ready all good to go so that I can just cart it along with me in my purse!

Happy life to you my friends!


Joanie said...

Absolutely stunning! Found your blog thru Kenner Road....Hi!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Lilith said...

really beautiful project !!!

Kathy said...

I love love love your work. You are truely talented.

Ümit said...

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beautiful desing. perfect

Ümit said...


very nice works. good job