Monday, August 03, 2009

the renos begin!!!

Cam is on holidays for two weeks and we have quite the tall order of things we are hoping to accomplish around the house...the kind of big projects that don't seem to have the time to unfold during regular work weeks. Starting with Little Bella's room (formerly Emy's room). Our littlest one is in the habit of keeping everyone awake and making a ruckus at bedtime so we decided to get her a big girl bed for her 5th birthday and change things up a bit putting the two big girls in a room together and getting this little one on her own for awhile.
Here are a few before shots of the room as it has been for the past couple of years

I painted her flowers when we moved to this house 5 years ago, it was a promise I made to a very little girl who was unsure about moving. The desk is an antique that was mine as a little girl, and it had been my great grandmother's before that so we have tried to tie it into the room design when we can, she Loves the history in the piece. The Rose stool was Cam's grandmother's, and Emy painted the little canvas for herself :) We will be finding the desk a new spot for her to keep on Lovin' it in her new room.and this little corner has held her "special shelf" with a starfish from Hawaii, some special hangings with diff. significant meanings, a faith candle from her auntie and a really pretty prayer book, all topped off with Nanny's candle chandelier. It will be fun to set these all up in a new spot once we have the girls all moved and re-settled in.Here is a quick little peek at some of the fun going on around here so far....
we have the little primer girl covering my flowers with 6 coats of primer ( so far they keep bleeding through!)

...and our very happy painter of pink walls

I will have to show some after shots once we have everything finished...the plans are really pretty, with white wainscoting, a pretty coral-y pink called "devoted" and a delicate white chandelier I don't think we can go wrong!!!
Lucky little one :)