Sunday, February 20, 2011

my girls

Not my 3 incredible little people, but my sketched, painted, colored ladies.
I have been meeting so many incredible women in my new little town (and just in life) and as we share stories and I get to see beyond the layers we all have, I see that as women we have so much in common, so many similar stories, dreams ,fears, and wishes.

I am just continually inspired by all of these wonderful people, and by the spirit in me that just has to turn thoughts and feelings into words and art. Now that I have given into this promting to tell these stories, I just have to write them as they inspire me and my hands can hardly keep up!
I have been painting all of these girls/ladies like mad. I can't stop. I am a story writing, Girl painting maniac. I just carry this old old thesaurus with me and my pencil case all over the place in a little birdie bag, and well, there I am working on another story that moves my heart and strikes a chord with me. I Love how taking the time to celebrate the thoughts and fears and stories of those in my life, makes me see more, feel more.
I have known this for some time because it is what I do as I record our stories in our scrapbooks and my own art journals...but this somehow, makes me Love and understand so much beyond our own world.
This is about every woman's story that is waiting to be understood...not simply what is going on in our own tiny corner of the world.

Art evolves, and what inspires me changes all the time, especially if I am being true and following what makes me feel alive, allowing my own journey to unfold. So really, who knows if this will be a short lived passion, creating a lovely new collection, or something that I do for awhile, I am just here to let it pour out from my heart straight through my painted and messy hands, and Loving my view from here while it does.

note: new art prints will be available soon, we're adding a cart here in the next few months