Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 days!

I can't even believe they have had a hundred days of school this year already!
There are soooo many reasons that I want this year to drag by at a snail's pace and for that reason alone it just isn't going to is it? This is Emy's last year of Elementary school, her last year of recess and all things non-high school-ish; soooo many changes going on at that age,WOW.
I just wanna enjoy every day with her right where she is. 

Tiara has THE most incredible teacher that I would pay millions to ( if I was a millionaire of course) just to have her stay with Tiara's grade FOREVER! And the class on a whole is incredible, super respectful and kind kids, So I just want to drag on that grade 3 time for Tiara's sake. 
And Kaiella, my baby...sigh, it is one thing that she is at school ALL DAY this year, I can handle that because 6 is still little, still so soft and so full of little-isms and giggly itty bitty-ness. Seven years old and grade two, well that will just be getting far too big for me, I wanna bottle her up and keep her just like this!!!

So there you have it, now I sound like a mom who can't let go, when really I am happy for them for all of the steps that they take and all of the growth that they make, I would just like time to go a wee bit slower please :)

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