Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Forever

 A rare page just For My Cam,  
picture by Emy from our trip to Mexico, click for a MUCH better view :)
Journaling says:
He's my yesterday and my tomorrow, my smiles and my laughter, my very best friend, yes, he's my always...My forever.

I think that pretty much sums it up, This guy of mine really is incredible; he believes in me and supports my adventures and dreams and he is such an amazing daddy to our girls, AND he does dishes happily...he couldn't possibly be any dreamier if he tried!
Thanks cam!!!

Using some of my sketchy, doodley stamp sets on here
Lovely Lockets , Meadow sketchbook, and from the heart
 These guys can be used digitally, printed on white cardstock or watercolor paper and painted, or applied right to your photos before printing...sigh I love me some good relaxing doodle time!

Today- we  are putting the finishing touches on all of our valentines baking, finishing up cute little cards and making sure all of the Heart's day attire is clean and ready to go for tomorrow, housework can wait we have partying to do!

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