Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Painting My "right now"

Here I am right now, noticing how the noise and the busy can drown out my own heart's voice. We can go go go until there isn't even a wee corner of free space to just let things sit in our hearts and minds and turn into something beautiful. I know that I personally, am definitely not finding the free space I have needed in the last while to really connect to my true self and let my spirit grow wings...soooooo of course the best way I know to express that is to paint it out. 

The thing is, and I am sure that I'm not alone in this, I have not been filling my time and my mind with idle blather, just the opposite; amazing kids- little hearts who need tender mama care, family activities and time to take care of the home, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering in the classroom so I can be a part of my girls' world...etc. GOOD BLESSED LIFE! 
I guess I am just realizing that quiet spirit time is not just going to up and find me, I am going to need to activily CREATE for myself just what I need. So it's decided, I'm Planning a creative retreat for myself in the near future to remedy this, just a personal quiet getaway, me, music, lots of paint and empty canvases to pour onto. I'm also going to figure out what it is that I need and finally move into this little studio room I have here; make it what I need it to be; a vibrant creative sanctuary of happy goodness!

Cheers to MAKING your time and space what you need it to be!
make a few notes today of what you need to clear away so you can hear your heart sing and just 


Miss Marple said...

Oh wow, I have been a follower of your blog ever since I saw your last post with this incredible teal painting...but unfortunately nothing happened. Now I am excited to see that you want to create your own space to create again...I am realy loooking forward for your work and inspiration.
Happy greetings from Germany - Irma

Marina said...

I am sooo happy you are back!! I am your follower ever since.. Love the new design and can not wait to read your new posts!!!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

oh please please please tell us you're back and sharing your fabulous art again?!!

Christina Smith said...

I'm a huge fan of your creativity! I love it that you've been spending time with your family and really just pouring into your girls! I totally respect that!

Rebecca H. said...

i have been feeling super unsure about what i want our living spaces to be lately, and this has been a bit of encouragement. i feel change coming, but not sure how it will shape up. thanks for the inpsiration!