Thursday, May 03, 2012

Blue Day sharing

 It was a Blue day around here. The Skies looked so amazing, perfect Blue, lots of sun and fluffy clouds. But... looks can be deceiving, it's still pretty chilly in these parts. Brrrr, I'm a big suck and our furnace is broken So it's been blankets and slippers and all of the warm wear I can dig up. Anyways, after a quick yogurt parfait for breakfast ( yogurt, protein powder, almond butter and blueberries. YUM) I head out to tackle a day of appointments and running around armed with the fluffiest warmest hoodie I have...yep happens to be blue too.
obsessed much?!

 Driving around all day gave me lots of time to think and pray and think some more, Lots on my mind and never seems to be enough alone time to process it all. A couple of  lovely people in our life are going through stuff and are on my heart. We are walking a very interesting journey with one of our girls that I am not ready to share yet, but it involves some digging and diagnosing and then some life changes, will be a good thing. But it's big and definitely weighing on me right now.

 BUT...Despite the blue start I got to meet up with my lovely mama for an impromptu sunny lunch picnic in the car. We broke all of the rules just like we used to do when I was little and it was just the two of us hitting the town. Feet on the dash, ate right off the cheese block, laughed at things we maybe shouldn',t and let me tell you, IT RAWKED. yayy for happy amazing moms, yayy for picnics, and yayy for breaking a few rules!

Lastly I'm still working fiercely on new designs tonight, and what's coming from my hands right now honors a really cool artist friend of mine. More to come on that this weekend.

- Loving my iphone, it is the first one I have owned and it is fairly amazing
-Loving instagram, sharing made so so simple
-Seriously Loving how easy both of them make it to capture life as it happens.

What makes you blue? How is your weather? and whatcha Loving right now?

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Traci said...

You are so blessed, my friend! Every time I read about a favorite blogger spending time with their mamma it makes me so sad that I do not have the same ability. You see, I once had that but something changed and everything is wonky now and it will never be like it was, it's impossible. Yes, I know nothing is impossible but this very thing, I feel, will never be possible again. Makes me and my sister very sad that we both feel like all we have is each other where our parents are concerned but then I must stop to remember that AT LEAST we have each other and I honestly do not know what I would do without her. I think there may have been something very real about the reality that she was an "accident" all those years ago but the happy accident she ended up being for me was probably just the blessing I needed all those years later. Okay, I need to stop before I start boo-hooing like a big baby. Love you sweet girl!