Thursday, May 03, 2012 says It's YOU, Congrats on winning the New book Meagan! I Loved your comment about how you try and think of the pictures you wish you had from your own childhood and capture those moments for your daughter. perfect. So so many other great ideas in the comments too, I read each one, BUT it's been a super busy-out of the house-eat wrong-and give yourself a migraine kind of a day today, Soooo I'm still working on putting all of your great tips and comments into one big post. As for all of you who didn't win today, pop back tomorrow afternoon for more celebrating and another chance to win some goodies before tomorrow night's big Launch Party!

Click below for more info and a VIP invite

Tonight I am going to drink tons of water and stay up as long as I can to try and get lots of designs finished for the big national scrapbooking day bash at the Lilypad this much partying So little time!


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