Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day one in Vegas

I don't have more than a few photos of our first amazing day in Vegas including the beautiful reception that CK put on for us ( I am really hoping some of the other SOY girls will share with me! pretty please) but I figure the time has come for me to share some of our Vegas experience on here! It was totally mind blowing to drive up to this huge resort in this BIG flashy city, just the lobby of the Venetian took my breath away!
Check out the ceiling in the entrance hall! Beautiful!

click to view larger

Since it was about 9 1/2 hours of traveling for us, we arrived and pretty much had only enough time to drop our bags off and quickly take in the sight of our amazing room before running off to meet Leslie Miller, Candace, and all of the girls. I have to say everyone was even WAY cuter in person!!! I loved them all right away. We got bags FILLED with amazing goodies from CK ( including Becky's new family heritage book coming soon and the new creative companion, as well as CKU shirts and "stuff", I have been totally living in the super comfy sweatshirt I got!) Once we had a chance to meet eachother we went off to the balcony at the front of the hotel for a photo shoot with Candace Stringham ( she is totally cute and super nice, not to mention WAY talented! I really enjoyed meeting her) We had such a blast it felt like I had known these girls forever, I was pretty bummed that I had left my camera up in our room, but there were plenty of cameras snapping so there is bound to be some good pics out there for me to snag.

I am trying out Picasa web albums for sharing the bunches of photos I have from the trip, so you should be able to click on the image below to take you to my album and then you can see the photos larger by clicking on one of them in there
The reception was beautifully done! I am so thankful for all of the hard work that went in to making it a really special night for all of us! Cute nametags, Wonderful flower arrangements for centre pieces, and we each had our own table featuring our photo, one of the layouts from our entry and a write-up about us. We each had editors, magazine staff and sponsors at our tables, so we all got a little love :) The food was great and the company even greater! And then Lisa .B called my name as the winner! and I was more stunned and speechless than I have ever been in my life, it was like a dream. You can read more about how I felt in my interview with Erin Lincoln on the CK site Friday ( I think) I will post a link to it when it is up.
What a wonderful whirlwind first day! It is one I won't soon forget, for so many reasons :)


Kim said...

Looks like you had SO much fun! Man that hotel is just stunning eh? You had your own table? Was it just you and Cam at it? lol! Or others? Anyways you look super cute silly girl and can't wait to hear more about it!


beth opel said...

Oh my gosh you have some GREAT photos! Love the one of you going up to get the check! Did Cam take it?

If you could send me a copy of the one where we are congratulating you, I would soooooooo love it!!!

Oh, and I still need your street address!

Lovin' your reports on the SOY stuff! I wish we were still there!

amy said...

it was totally the polka dots - you knew they would do the trick!!!


Anonymous said...

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