Monday, October 30, 2006

still Growing

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This is an older layout of mine that I had done for a challenge to make a page about how you see yourself. supply list can be seen here. I loved the way it made me dig deeper than I normally would in my scrapping about me...well if I even scrap about me lol! I think the journaling is just really real...something I will want to look back on years from now, so I figured I would share this.

journaling says:
My body is grown but I am still growing. God is doing a work in me that continues each day and grows with all the new experiences and moments that come my way. When I look at myself I see that there are so many sides to me; I am all of the things that I dreamed of being in my bestest dreams as a little girl. Being a wife & a Mama & an artist were my greatest ambitions as a child.

What a great honor God has given me to entrust me with this perfect little family. I sometimes feel like he has more faith in me than I do though! I'm not always sure that I have what it takes to properly handle every little big situation that I need to deal with well, in this oh so very important position I have. I've got one shot at these years with my young family, and I want so much to do it well.

I am someone who embraces life and every day with the thought that all I know for sure is that I have this moment here and now. I try so hard to give some of me to those I care for in different ways, to be a blessing to those who cross my path. I tell my immediate family how much I Love them often, but I am not always the best at saying how I feel to all the other important people in my life. So I love to give, and I often share my love for people through my art and my gifts. I pour my heart into the projects I do for the people I care about.

Then beyond happy dreams come true, there is so much more to me: I am silly and fun and I don't care much about what others think. I am so very sensitive and hurt way too easily. And what I like to call laid-back, often results in piles of dirty dishes and laundry to wade through.

As I am blessed with so many wonderful opportunities I am growing and learning to balance the different parts of my life better. And while I am learning to effectively balance, I am growing as a better wife and a better mom for my family.I take the challenges in my Art and work through them letting each challenge push me farther and make me better at what I do. I smile when I take a step back and see the growth in myself. Then I look inside at all the growing I still have to do and I know God is not finished with me, I know I am still growing.

so there you have it! and of course there is a bit more to this post :) I want to extend the same challenge to you. Dig deeper than you may normally, and create a layout that reflects you, how you see yourself, let "you" shine in every detail ( journaling, accent choices, colors etc). Iguaranteee no matter how you see yourself it will feel great to scrap it!Pleasee show me once you have done it, I would love to get to know some of you more :) come and leave me a link in the comments.
Be real , Be free, Enjoy this one!!!